Top 5 most valuable and rare Russian stamps

Let’s talk about rarest Russian stamps. As you know Russian stamps are too expensive and you have to be a rich guy to buy most interesting Russian stamps. Ok, let’s go.

1. Tiphlis Unique

Tiphlis Unique is a philatelic name of the very rare Russian postage stamp, issued in the Russian Empire (now it is a Georgia Rebublic). Technically Tiphlis Unique is a local stamp, issued in Tiflis (now Tbilisi, capital of Georgia) in 1857, but stamp collector knows Tiphlis stamps as the first and rarest Russian stamp. Only five specimens known.

Tiphlis UniqueTiphlis Unique

The David Feldman stamp auction sold one Tiphlis stamp for € 480 000 (or above $700 000) on 5 October 2008 year.

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2. Kartonka

Kartonka is a souvenir sheet of four on thick card, with the unique three line personalized overprint “To the best shock worker of the All Russian Philatelic Society – President of the Moscow Philatelic Organization E.M. Nurkas”. Issued for “All-Soviet Philatelic Exhibition” in Moscow in 1932. Only 25 copies were issued.


An one copy of Kartonka was sold in 2008 on Cherrystone auction for $675 000 (price w/o auction premium).

3. Levanevsky inverted surcharge with small F letter

The 1935 Sigizmund Levanevsky stamp with commemorative red overprint “Moscow – San Francisco flight via the North Pole”, August 1935. Only two full sheets (50 stamps) with an inverted text were printed (40 stamps with a regular text and only 10 copies with small Cyrillic “f” letter). The stamp was sold on Cherrystone auction in 2008 for $718 000.

Levanevsky inverted surcharge with small F letter

4. Consular poltinnik

Consular poltinnik is a rare 50-kopeck Russian consular tax stamp with “Air Post 1,200 germ.(an) marks” overprint; estimated 50–75 specimens in existence; overprint type IV occurs only twice per setting of 25, hence only four can exist.

Consular poltinnik

One copy of the rarest Russian consular stamps was sold in 2008 for $218 500.

3. Levanevsky inverted surcharge with regular F letter


Same stamp – same surcharge, but overprinted with a regular Cyrillic “f” letter. Price falling to $195 500.