The Philatelic Societies

Stamp collections are a popular hobby, not only in this country, but around the world, too. In the early years, it was primarily thought of as being a children’s hobby. Then, in the 1930’s, it was made of interest to all through many new stamps being produced, advertising, materials being made available that made it easier to get started, and the rise of philatelic organizations around the world.

Many young people have had a stamp collection. Most of them were either from stamps ripped off of envelopes, or perhaps they bought a few packages from stamp companies. Not many went beyond that.

For the serious minded stamp collector, and there a many, there are organizations that were started to give stamp collectors a way to communicate with each other, to be informed about auctions and sales, and just simply to establish a way for like-minded people to meet.

The Oldest Philatelic Society Is In Chicago

In the United States, the oldest continuously running stamp enthusiast’s society is the Chicago Philatelic Society. It has been in existence since 1886. At the time of its founding, it was estimated that there were about 25,000 stamp collectors in the world. Their annual meeting, called the Chicagopex, is the largest in Illinois. It draws many visitors, from all around the world.

The American Philatelic Society

Another philatelic, is the American Philatelic Society. This site, which can be found at, contains a number of downloadable brochures about how to start your own local philatelic club, how to buy and sell stamps legally, and even offers communication with a philatelic mentor, to help you get started in the best direction, or to simply answer any questions you may have. They also have a large number of stamps for sale – over 200,000.

The American Philatelic Foundation

This organization is non-profit, and will do serious appraisals of larger stamp collections. Since they do this for free, they are even willing to travel to the estate to give a thorough examination of the collection, at no cost, except when the collection is sold. They normally do not sell the collection themselves, but, if the party desires it, they have a division that can perform that task – again at a percentage. One claim that they have, as opposed to others, is that they will look at every stamp, and not select only a few; and, therefore, be able to give a much better valuation.

Today, it is not necessary to belong to one of these agencies in order to enjoy collecting stamps. Their services can be enjoyed, however. You may use these organizations, to either buy or sell stamps from, and to get information about the value of particular stamps. In addition, each one also has information and helps that are worth looking at.