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The divisions of Romanian prisoners in the USSR

A special case during the years of WWII was that of the divisions formed from the former Roumanian prisoners in the USSR and trained there. They were incorporated into the

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Soviet Censorship in Romania (1944-1946)

The ending of WWII brought the Soviet Army into the heart of Europe. Along with this conjuncture the autumn of 1944 saw Soviet garrisons established throughout Romania. This lasted until

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The use of German Airmail Fieldpost stamps on Romanian military mail in WWII

There were two situations (Stalingrad & Kuban) during WWII when Romanian troops on the eastern front were encircled an therefore obliged to use airmail services to send mail to and

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Top 5 most valuable and rare Russian stamps

Let’s talk about rarest Russian stamps. As you know Russian stamps are too expensive and you have to be a rich guy to buy most interesting Russian stamps. Ok, let’s

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