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The divisions of Romanian prisoners in the USSR

A special case during the years of WWII was that of the divisions formed from the former Roumanian prisoners in the USSR and trained there. They were incorporated into the

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Northern Transylvania during the Hungarian occupation 1940 – 1944

A very important work on the VISSZATÉRT period, including Northern Transylvania, was written by Mervyn Benford, and published in 1989. It would be pointless to repeat what he has already

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Postal Censorship in Romania 1941-1946

For security purposes the countries involved in military conflicts impose many special restrictions. One of these is the censorship of mail. This censorship was instituted by the Romanian government to

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Multiple and mixed censoring in the Banat and Transylvania -1919

Following WW1, three of the former Austro-Hungarian territories became part of Romania (Bucovina, Transylvania and the Banat). The Romanian administrations were quickly established in each of these areas giving rise

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New data about the mail of the “TUDOR VLADIMIRESCU” division

Following upon the initial publication in the Bucharest magazine “Fi1atelia” of an article about the “Tudor Vladimirescu” Division of former

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Soviet Censorship in Romania (1944-1946)

The ending of WWII brought the Soviet Army into the heart of Europe. Along with this conjuncture the autumn of

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Romania: a short postal history.

From a philatelic point of view Romania is best known for its first issue of July 1858, the famous “Bull’s

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The use of German Airmail Fieldpost stamps on Romanian military mail in WWII

There were two situations (Stalingrad & Kuban) during WWII when Romanian troops on the eastern front were encircled an therefore

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The transit camp for returning POWs in MÁRAMAROSSZIGET – 1948

Tens of thousands of Hungarian soldiers were captured by the Soviets during the second World War (some estimate the number

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The mail of the “Gheorghe Matei” armoured detachment

The “Tudor Vladimirescu” Division is the best-known Romanian military entity that fought within the framework of the Soviet Red Army. However, other similar but lesser known examples also existed in

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