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Horsens Bypost 1883-1890

Horsens A seaport with a good harbour in East Jutland 237km (148 miles) from Copenhagen, 42km (26 miles) from Aarhus. Its church dates from 1270. The population in 1880 was

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Osense Bypost 1884-1891

Odense, the 3rd largest provincial town in Denmark is centrally situated in Fun (Funen) 137km (85 miles) from Copenhagen; with a harbour on the Odense River, important commercially and industrially.

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Aalborg Bypost 1884-1896

Aalborg Situated on the Limfjord, North Jutland. An old city founded in 1342. The 3rd largest city in Denmark, lively modern-styled, with large industrial and commercial undertakings. Distant 365km (227

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Holte Landpost 1866-1873

Holte A small town in a forested district in North Zealand, 10 miles (16 km) north of Copenhagen. This private post carried mail from the Railway Statin at Holte to

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