Stamp Collecting Values

Stamp collecting is a quiet hobby that is enjoyed by many – worldwide. Both young and old enjoy it, and it is certainly worth looking at the artwork that has graced the faces of stamps – almost since they were first made. The greatest joys, however, come when you begin to examine the treasure you’ve collected, and then, to find that you have some real stamp collecting values.

In order to find out what you may have in your collection, and what it is worth, there are five main ways you can go about it. Some of these methods are more practical than others, and wiser, too.

1. Educate yourself about what makes a stamp valuable

This is probably the most important of them all. Other methods should really only be used after you have done this. Learn which stamps have stamp collecting values, and what it is that gives them this value. Basically, the same type of thing that gives coins value, will also give a stamp value. Things such as: rarity, double impression, limited issue, condition, year it was made, etc.

Then there are certain stamps, that if you should happen to come across one, say, at a flea market, where someone is selling an old stamp collection, and you just happen to flip through it, and see that rare stamp, then you know you must have it. But the only way you will come to know what to look for, is if you take some time, a little bit each week, and learn about stamps. This will add up after a while.

Other stamps may also be forgeries. Often enough, forgers try to duplicate valuable stamps to sell. Sometimes, stamps that were forged by criminals are naturally less in number, and now they may have greater value than the real thing. A little education here is worth your while.

2. Go online and find websites that show you stamp collecting values

Probably the easiest way to learn about where the websites are would be to perform a search for stamp collecting values, or, for stamp values. The results will allow you to find the necessary sites. Be sure to bookmark them, since you will need to go back from time to time.

3. Software That You Can Order Online

You will notice from your search that a few of the results mention that they have downloadable software. This usually needs to be ordered, but it will be very handy. One disadvantage, however, is that it will not list stamps for the years that follow – see if they also offer free updates.

4. Catalogs From Stamp Companies

These can be ordered online and are, at present, probably the most popular method to do a little research on the worth of individual stamps. Another place to get them is from your local stamp dealer.

5. Stamp Dealers Know The Value of Stamps

Here is a great source of information. There are stamp dealers in just about every major population area. They could be of great help in confirming the value of a particular stamp, once you think you have found one. However, a word of caution is necessary here – do not leave it with them, out of your sight. Not everyone is honest, and they may try to switch it for a worthless one.

Finding out about your stamp collecting values will certainly make your hobby a little more interesting. Who knows what treasures may lurk on the pages of your stamp collection?