Making Your Hobby Better With Stamp Collecting Software

Stamp collecting has moved into the modern age with software. Now it has become easier to know what you have, and what you need, or even want, with stamp collecting software. One great feature about it is that you don’t even have to run down to the stamp dealer to get it – just order it online.

There are quite a number of different software programs available, and just about as many options, too. The programs really do vary, so before you buy, investigate your options. Many features are available, and if you dream a little, you may be able to get features in your stamp collecting software that go beyond your expectations. Also, many of them will allow you to try before you buy, for at least ten days.

Here are some of the different options that may be obtained:

  1. Simple cataloguing – list your stamps by country, or topic.
  2. Description of the Stamp – Some permit you to add more details than others in the options you can list. A basic description would allow you to record the:

    * country
    * year
    * theme
    * condition
    * value
    * (some software would have limited number of entries, others, unlimited)

  3. Provides a built-in database, with pictures of the stamp – in color. The number of pictures that come with the program varies a great degree, and some will provide updates.
  4. Some will allow you to select the pictures you want, and then print out your stamp book page with the pictures. Then, all you need to do is to add the stamp. This is an excellent tool since you can even create pages of stamps that you want to obtain for your collection, but don’t have yet.
  5. Allows you to create web pages of your stamp collection, so that you can publish your collection on the web, if you desire.
  6. Build a database of stamp websites that you commonly use: the auction sites, your favorite stamp dealers, your stamp information sites, etc.
  7. Allows the stamps to be scanned into the book.

    a. After scanning the stamp in, some stamp collecting software will automatically tell you the condition of your stamp, and give it a grade.

    b. Many will tell you how many perforations each stamp has automatically.

  8. Will provide predesigned pages for your printer, and allows you to make some modifications.
  9. Create reports of any kind that you desire.

Stamp collecting software has been around for a little while. As you can see from these features, it has also become highly developed. Before you buy any program, look around the internet and see what options are available, and then determine what will best suit your needs. If you are not a professional stamp collector – you may not need the most expensive programs.

Possible ranges of cost: $14.99 – $89.00, or more. Some companies sell by countries, with charges for each additional country.