Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika Stamps

Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika (KUT) is the name and overprint on British postage stamps made for circulation in the British colonies of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika.

East African Community
East African Community Map


The first stamps issued within the scope of this profile are from 1922 the issues for Kenya & Uganda that superseded the issues for British East Africa & Uganda. The stamps were inscribed ‘Kenya & Uganda’. High face values were issued – up to £ 100 – that, however, were used almost uniquely for fiscal purposes.

Subsequent issues show the development of the union: in 1935 stamps are issued inscribed ‘Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika’, in 1964 stamps are inscribed ‘Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika & Zanzibar’ and from 1965 until 1976 stamps are inscribed ‘Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania’.

From 1922 until the early 1960’s, the joint issues were the only issues used in the countries participating in the union. As these countries gained self government or independence, they started issuing their own stamps that would be used in concurrence with the joint issues. Thus, Tanganyika has issued stamps from 1961, Uganda from 1962, Kenya from 1963, the United Republic of Tanganyika & Zanzibar from 1964 and Tanzania from 1965. These issues were valid not only in the issuing countries, but in all countries within the union – they were actually on sale in all countries the first two weeks after being issued.

George V, 1935.
George V, 1935.

The position of Zanzibar is somewhat different. Zanzibar has issued stamps from 1895 and – although it joined the union as part of the United Republic of Tanganyika & Zanzibar in 1964 – Zanzibar would continue to issue stamps until 1967. It is not until 1968 that the joint issues of the union, concurrently with the issues of Tanzania, will come into use.

George VI with lion, 1938.
George VI with lion, 1938.

In all participating countries, the joint issues were valid until 1977 when the East African Community was dissolved. The current successor of the East African Community has not issued stamps.


The comprehensive catalogs are unknown for us. The most famous catalogs with Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika sections are Stanley Gibbons, Scott, and Michel (in German).


Forged 1949 cover
Forged 1949 cover


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