Items On A Beginner’s Stamp Collector Supply List

A beginner’s stamp collector supply list may vary from collector to collector. There are a few essential items however that every beginner should think about purchasing. When you get more and more involved in stamp collecting, there will likely be more and more things you will want to purchase. However, at first, there is no real need to purchase unnecessary items. Take a look at these items to see if they should be a on a beginner’s supply list or not. You can use this as you are shopping for items for yourself or another beginning stamp collector.

Stamp Albums

This is certainly an item that should be on a supply list for a beginner. Without a stamp album, there is no way to safely preserve your collection. If you don’t buy anything else when beginning to collect, buy a stamp album. You can use albums to organize your collection, display your collection, and keep your collection safe and sound. You can find small stamp albums for those just starting out or larger albums if you expect your collection to grow quickly. Just be sure that your stamp album is made with acid-free paper so your stamps will not yellow and get damaged.

Stamp Hinges & Mounts

A beginner may also want to purchase hinges or mounts for their collection. Hinges are small rectangular pieces that are typically coated with gum. They are used to hold the stamp onto the page. They are very cheap, with most packs of 100 costing less than $3 per pack. They go on the back of the stamp and hold them securely in your album. Mounts are often more popular because they do not disturb the quality and characteristics of the stamp. They are clear sleeves in which the stamp is placed. The back of the sleeve contains glue so you can place it on the page of your album.

Stamp Catalogs

It is a great idea for beginners to purchase a stamp catalog as well. These books offer ways to identify stamps and give rough values. They can also be checked out at your local library if you choose not to buy one. An updated stamp catalog is something you can put on your holiday list each year in order to be certain you can recognize stamps in your collection. Although it is not necessary, it can be a helpful item to include on a beginner’s stamp collection supply list.