Horsens Bypost 1883-1890


A seaport with a good harbour in East Jutland 237km (148 miles) from Copenhagen, 42km (26 miles) from Aarhus. Its church dates from 1270. The population in 1880 was 12,654.


The Bypost was opened on 3 October 1883 by one Bagger but was discontinued through insolvency on 1 May 1884. The business was re-opened by S. Melgaard as “Horsens Telefon og [and] Bypost” on 15 September 1886. Besides providing postal and telephone services, Melgaard’s Post undertook collection of moneys due in C.O.D. transactions and for use in this connection issued, as did some others of the Danish Local Posts, a Post-opkraevningskort (Trade Charge Card) better described as a C.O.D. card. The charge for such collections was 10% for sums up to 500 Crowns and 5% in excess. Melgaard bought up the unsold stock of Bagger’s stamps but surcharged them before use. As the remainders were all stuck together they had to be separated by soaking. Melgaard’s surcharged issues of 1886 were therefore always without gum. Due to keen competition from the Royal Danish Post Office and its monopolisation of the letter service, Melgaard was forced to close down his business on 20 May 1890. Compensation of 2,500 Crowns was paid to Melgaard by the State for the 25 letter boxes erected.

Printing Paper

All stamps were lithographed on unwatermarked paper in sheets of 100.

Postal Stationery

This was quite limited in output. It comprised 1 Postcard, a C.O.D. Card and 1 Envelope.


1. The first cancellation was as the inscription “Horsens Bypost” in an elliptical frame on stamps Nos.2-5.
2. An unframed postmark with the words “Horsens Telefon og Bypost” in four lines.
3. “Horsens Bypost” in two lines.
4. Square of rectangular dots spread over the whole stamp.

This “multiple dot” cancellation was employed as a convenient method of dealing with bulk postings. The dots were either square or rectangular. Postmarking was done in violet, blue or black.

Posts of Bagger

3 October 1883

Perf. 11 and 1/2
Perf. across (horizonatal)
Double perf. vertically