Holte Landpost 1866-1873


A small town in a forested district in North Zealand, 10 miles (16 km) north of Copenhagen. This private post carried mail from the Railway Statin at Holte to the neighbouring villages.


The Holte Landpost differs in three notable ways from all other Danish local postal services. First, it was the only “Land” (i.e. Country) post, the others being “By” (i.e. Town) posts. Second, it alone issued stamps with skilling values. Third, and most significant, the stamps of Holte were in effect semi-official as the Post operated with Royal Postal Establishment approval at a time when the latter itself was unable to serve the public adequately.

The Landpost was set up on 1st June 1866 on the initiative of G.J. Jesson the Holte railway foreman. He contracted with the Roayl Postal Authority to collect and deliver the local mail and to this end took on a number of paid employeses. Jesson was to charge 2 skillings to deliver a letter but he received nothing whatever for clearing the letter boxes in the countryside and bringing the mail to the sorting place. It is difficult to believe that the arrangement could pay but convinced it would Jesson resigned from the Railway to devote full time to his postal contracting duties. However, becuase of the inadequate charge and further because the Government did little to help or encourage him, Jesson was soon without means to pay his employees and perforce both the collection and distribution of mail stopped.

Jesson’s successor at the Holte Railway Station was Lieut. A.V.H. Bauman. It was he who printed and distributed the Landpost stamps. The brown imperforate 2 skilling stamp was first issued in March 1870 and in October 1872 it was replaced by a green perforated stamp of the same value but with a different design. Only the two stamps were issued.

The public still did not take advantage of the new form of service and on 25th May 1873 the Post was compelled to close down after functioning for 7 yeasrs.

The Government now took over the responsibility and the use of local stamps for the Holte district ceased.


Both stamps were lithographed on unwatermarked paper. Sheets were of 36 (6×6) stamps.


Genuine used copies of the two stamps are extremely rare. It is not clear if the Landpost made use of its own canceller.

A copy of Stamp No.2 on greyish paper is known with ink cancellation (and possibly part of a double framed oval cancellation). No.2 on the commoner white paper is found with Holte’s official Post Office postmark No.206 and with Copenhagen’s No.1, both consisting of three concentric rings with the number in the centre. These cancellations were likely made after the Service ceased to operate.

2 March 1870 (1869?). Imperf.

This No.1 of Holte was the first stamp to be issued by the Danish Local Posts.

15 October 1872. Perf 10. Slightly greyish paper.

In sheets from this, the first printing, all the marginal edges of the stamps are imperforate.

1 April 1873. Perf 10. White paper.

In sheets from this emission, all the outer stamps are perforated.

Source: danishlocalposts.com